5 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

Stress can be initiative of a large number of health problems. To take stress and tension is not the thing that one deliberately puts on. It is something that comes from within. Quite unconsciously and mainly because  of external pressures such as completion of tasks in short period of time , higher authority, sense of intense responsibility and many other things. One can be the crises in real life and the world around. No matter what is reason of your being stressed out but it are the inevitable to reduce it during your work at your job because if you are overpowered by your mental and physical stress, you can never work attentively and efficiently. Here are the 5 simple ways that will definitely help you out in overwhelming your common stress at work place so that you will be able to give you 100 % to your work.

 5 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

1. Learn to Refuse:

Many people who are too polite and caring , are in a habit of saying “Yes” to everyone. They being too friendly find it rude to refuse someone but people usually exploit such persons and shift their own load on them so they become highly stressed out and become worried to accomplish the task in given time. Its important to develop courage to say “no” to the things that are forced upon you to keep yourself relax and concentrated towards your own work.

2. Take a Break:

According to Bupa , the body’s natural energy runs out after every 90 to 120 min and a person gets stressed out  if he does not take any break. So, it is essential to keep yourself active and refreshed by taking a quality break  for just few minutes after every 2 hours. You can make a cup of coffee for yourself and go out to get some fresh air. It is a right of every person to have at least 20 min break after every 6 hours for lunch or a walk outside or some light chit chat with friends. It will make some extremely fresh.

3. Break the Monotony of Routine:

Sometime the same monotonous makes you dulls and stressed out. Break the routine and let not the same office environment overpower you. Go out and take a long breath or have a walk with a friend outside.

4. Do not Eat Heavy Food:

If you eat heavy lunch, you will feel sleepy and worn out. Take light energizing food to keep you healthy and active.

5. Defeat your Fears:

Sometimes the unnecessary fear of boss, of security or of being fired out overwhelm a person so much that his mind always remain occupied and stressed. You have to defeat your fears in every possible way to keep yourself calm.

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