How to Wear Shorts with Tights in Summer with What Shoes Top and Shirt

The idea of wearing tights under summer shorts seems to be stupid in the first place as the hot summer is not suitable weather to do so but you may be surprised to know that this can made a fashion staple for those girls who are desperate to wear shorts but their parents do not allow them. By wearing tights under the shorts, you can satisfy your parents are all of your legs are covered and you still have fulfilled your desire of wearing shorts. There are many cool colors of smart summer tights available in markets that you can wear in contrast with your shirt or top worn with a neutral shade of jeans shorts. This style of wearing shorts with tights is the reminiscent of those years when cut off jean skirts were worn with legging. There are few practical benefits of wearing shorts and tights together in summer such as it can cover your legs and makes you look elegant and slim at the same time. It covers the flaws of your skin in the stylish way. How to wear shorts with tights in summer is equal important as one must to know that How to Wear Leggings with a Summer Dress to look Elegant.

You can rock in your shorts and tights, if worn with the rightly chosen shirt, top and shoes. You have many options of tops that flatter best your shorts and tights as the tights is a versatile thing to be worn with a variety of tops and shirts. You can wear a smart stripped tee shirt with plain solid colored tights and shorts. Layer up your shirt with a light summer blazer. With the tights have leopard prints, wear jean shorts and a finely cut stylish top in any of the bright summer color. If you wear tights with floral patterns or polka dots you can wear a contrasting tank nicely tucked in the shorts worn under it. Accentuate your outfit with a fancy chain as a belt.

There are a lot more options of tops to wear with shorts and tights including dress shirts, blouse and cotton filed tops. You can also add an extra layer of a smart summer jacket or upper on your top. Thus, you have to choose the right top that suits you best with your shorts and tights. Tunic Top is Best to Wear with Tights or Legging in Summer with Shorts.The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the top should just end above your waist. If its not so tank your shirt in the shorts. Buy some fancy and trendy belts to wear with these sort of the outfits.

Now it comes to shoes. What kind of shoes is appropriate to wear with the tights under shorts in summer. First thing to keep in mind is that tights are not pants. So, you cannot wear all the boots and ankle shoes with them. The best option is to wear flat pop shoes or summer sandal with them.

So, try this dress code to understand that How to Wear Shorts with Tights in Summer with What Shoes Top and Shirt to look different in this summer.

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