How to Wear an Infinity Scarf with Collared Shirt Women

A large, closed loop of fabric is known as an infinity scarf which can be worn in plenty of fashionable styles. It is very versatile and can be worn on almost all types and styles of tops and shirts. In the same way, it can look equally stylish and trendy if worn in both the seasons i.e. summer and winters with everyday outfits. There is a wide range of colors, textures and designs of infinity scarves available in markets. The collared shirts make you look slimmer and elegant. Their style can be more or less enhanced by wearing an infinity scarf stylishly on them.

But with this its also important to know that how to wear an infinity scarf with collared shirt for women. In summer scarf is best option to wear with a dress. For this if one follow Cute Ways to Wear Scarf in Summer Spring then it look more elegant. SO, first thing is to learn the right way. And, hopefully this text will help you.

Here are some of the fashionable ways to wear infinity scarf with a collared shirt.

  1. The simplest way to wear an infinity scarf with a collared shirt is to wear it parallel to your shoulder and perpendicular to your height. Place the length of the scarf horizontal with the center of the scarf at the back of your neck. It is better to keep the scarf folded so that it will give the illusion of a double layered fabric rather than a looped long string.
  2. Place your hands against the close loop ends to extend it out possibly far. Now bring the two ends of the infinity scarf to the front of your body. Insert one end through the other that is take one end and insert it carefully in the loop of the other end.
  3. The side in which you put in the scarf has to be wide open so that it would reveal the loop properly. Be careful while opening the loop so that it would be properly filled when the other end is inserted in it. This would make a nice handkerchief look around the collar after adjustment of fluff.
  4. It would give you a smart and elegant look. Make sure that the loop should be tight enough to look properly down and loose enough to give you space to breath. Its done.
  5. Another way of wearing infinity scarf is to keep it loose single loop that looks very relaxing with collared shirt. For this style, you just have to insert your head into the loop of your scarf in such a way that most of the scarf lie on your front.
  6. Adjust it all over so that the loop shape is clearly seen. It you want, you can drape it over your shoulders but for a traditional single loop style, you have to drape it over your neck. Now adjust the scarf so that the seams are not visible.

One more way that is easy, trendy and practical to wear infinity scarf with a collar shirt is wearing it in the form of a double fluffy loop. For this style, you have to firstly, insert your head through the scarf and keep whole of the length front side.

Now cross the scarf in front of your body to make another loop. Insert your head through the newly formal loop. Adjust the loops according to your desire. There are a lot more ways to wear infinity scarf with a collared shirt that you can try to look stylish.

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