How to Wear Scarves Stylishly? Cute Ways to Wear Scarf in Summer Spring

Scarf is a versatile accessory because it can be worn in many ways. Cute Ways to Wear Scarf in Summer Spring and How to Wear Scarves Stylishly? tutorial after one wear it. There are scaves of different sizes and shapes, available in markets. It is actually its size and shape that determine the way of wearing it. Normally scarves are worn in winter to add extra warmth to your neck but you can also wear them in spring/ summer for the sake of fashion and style. As the summer season is about to come, we are suggesting you some of the trendy ways of wearing scarves in this warm weather.

  • Yes, buy some scarves of different shapes and sizes in summer material and experiment these styles of wearing them in front of mirror and find the most appropriate way that looks best with your summer outfits.

You can either wear a scarf around your neck or on your head in different ways. We will discuss both the options that How to Wear Scarves Stylishly? and some Cute Ways to Wear Scarves in Summer Spring that here divides in two parts.

Cute Ways to Wear Scarves in Summer Spring:

  • Wear a scarf looped that can look really cool in warm weather. Take a rectangular scarf with fringes. To have this easiest look done, fold the scarf in messy way. Place the scarf around your neck in such a way that the looped half hangs down the front of your check and the two ends hanging on the other side. Insert the ends through the looped ends. Tighten it according to your desire. All done

Take a rectangular scarf and fold it lengthwise. Place it around the back of the neck with both ends hanging on front. Remember that one side is few inches longer than the other. Wrap the longer side around the neck and leave it on the front. There will be a nice roll over of scarf with both ends hanging on both sides. Try, this easy style that can be done in no time.

  • You can make a neck tie with a rectangular scarf of silk or satin material to get it done, you have to hold the shorter end of scarf over your right shoulder. Loop the longer end around your neck twice or thrice until both the ends are in equal length. Knot the neck twice to make it sit on your right shoulders.

You can make a necklace with an oblong rectangular silk scarf. Place the centre of the scarf around the back of your neck. Tie both the ends loosely. Wrap the extra material around the ends until you reach the knot. Repeat it on the other side and oyu will get a necklace of scarf. Adjust it according to your choice.

Wearing a head scarf:

  • Make a head band of a square cotton scarf. Fold the scarf in the form of diamond or triangular shape. Loop the scarf around the head behind the ears. Tie it on one side in the form of bow. You head scarf is ready.
  • You can create an elegant ponytail holder with a thin silk scarf. Tie a high ponytail with an elastic band. Fold the scarf horizontally and wrap it around the elastic band and make a bow.

There are many other ways also but these are the easiest and classy for understanding of Cute Ways to Wear Scarves in Summer Spring while with this tutorial one also better knows that How to Wear Scarves Stylishly.

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