How to Wear Waistcoat Casually with Jeans for Men

Waistcoats if worn fashionably can make a fashion statement for you by adding a trendy extra layer to your casual outfit of jeans and a simple shirt. Its necessary to knows that How to Wear Waistcoat Casually with Jeans for Men. When you choose the right style of waistcoat to wear on jeans, it can do exactly the same for you as the sport coat does. The practical purpose of wearing a waistcoat is that it covers the line of your shirt and give a proper tidy look throughout the day. On the hand, it also fulfills your desire to look stylish and handsome even in your casual jeans.

  • It is most casual and comfortable than a blazer and can be worn both in summer or winter. But you have to buy the right waistcoat that is especially made to be worn casually on jeans.

If you choose the wrong stuff or style of the waistcoat, you might end up mixing the formal and casual clothes that look awkward if worn together. It will make you look like a fool with pathetic fashion sense.

Here we have given a proper guide of the most appropriate options of pairing the right jeans with right waistcoat for a casual but fashionable look. Consider the following key pints while shopping a waistcoat to wear with jeans and when think that How to Wear Waistcoat Casually with Jeans for Men.

  • The fabric of the waistcoat should be natural not refined fabric like wool, cotton or linen.

The waistcoat has to be skillfully stitched according to your physique. The loose or small sized waistcoat does not look mice at all.

  • The matte colors are perfect for casual waistcoats. The shiny or silky waistcoat only looks decent with 3 piece formal suitings.

Wear skinny jeans in one deep color without any funky fades or fungus. These tight jeans provide a perfect bottom for a casual waistcoat.

  • Go for contrasted shirt with waistcoat. You can wear sky blue shirt with dark brown waistcoat with a denim skinny jeans. Another trendy contrast is white shirt with a dark grey waistcoat along with black jeans.
  • You can either button the waist coat fully or unbutton the bottom like the suit jacket or sport coat according to your choice but never unbutton it fully that not looks good.
  • Chambray button down shirts are best choice to wear under casual waistcoat with jeans.

A nicely fitted waistcoat long enough to cover the waist without showing any portion of shirt above the belt is the best choice. The short waistcoat are no more in fashion the back the of the waistcoat can be a few inches higher than the front and may show some of the shirt.

  • The dress shirt worn under the waistcoat should also be in the fitting so that when you tuck it tightly in the jeans there should no fabric ballooning under the fitted waistcoat.
  • The shoulders of the waistcoat have to lie flat on your shoulders under the collar line.

It is good to keep in mind the above mentioned key rules while buying a waistcoat or on understand that How to Wear Waistcoat Casually with Jeans for Men to a causal look.

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