How to Tweeze, Plucking Upper Lip Hair Without Pain

Hair removal cannot be always done at salon because you have to take out some special time from your busy routine to visit the salon. But sometimes when its urgent to be somewhere and you find the unwanted hair on your upper lips, you really get irritated. There must be solution to it. That you can do at home in no time. Waxing and threading are good ways out but they need the essential material and the much needed training or practice. Tweezing is the best thing that can work well in time. You just need a pair of tweezers and nothing else. There is no need of nay training.just follows the instructions below and pluck the targeted strands of hair quickly and get smooth and neat skin.

 How to Tweeze, Plucking Upper Lip Hair without Pain:

  • Wet a wash cloth with warm water and rub it on your upper lip.

Apply a mild cleanser and massage it in circular motion for 1 to 20 minutes on your upper lip. Remove it with wash cloth. It will take of the dirt and the make up (if any) with it.

  • Now exfoliate your upper lip with a scrub. It will open the pores and make the hair follicles more prominent to take out.
  • Now wash with warm water and pat your upper lip dry thoroughly.

Pull the upper lip skin tight by placing your tongue on the outer surface of your upper jaw inside the mouth.

  • Place a magnifying mirror in front of you and examine the length and growth of your hair properly.

Hold the tweezers in your hand like a pencil. Make sure that it is neither too blunt nor too widely. It should be just good enough to pluck the hair at once. Squeeze good enough to pluck the hair at once. Squeeze the tweezers in your hand to check its flexibility.

  • Now place the tweezers angled close to your skin at the root of the targeted hair.
  • Hold firmly and pluck in the direction opposite to hair growth.
  • Repeat the same action with all the unwanted hair until all of them are removed.
  • Appling a soothing moisturizer to calm the skin and remove the redness. Apply aloe Vera gel if the moisturizer is not available.

If you have time, its optional to apply a smoothing mint mask on your skin. It will help in shrinking the open pores and will make your skin smooth and relax. So, now you can tweeze the upper lips at home and no need have special training or practice. Just pick up a good pair of tweezers and pluck the unwanted hair.

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