Best to Use on Chapped Lips; Lipsticks, Glosses or Stains?

For a long time, the only makeup that women used to wear on their lips was lipsticks. They were available in beautiful colors. Amazing packaging and different textures but their was no innovation and we never heard for some other cosmetic colors for lips. But then comes lip glosses. They were shiny and nicely soft but they did not stay for long time. But now you have lip stains that are available in all natural colors and remain stick to your lips for at least 12 to 15 hours. It has a definite changed formula. Let us discuss the ingredients, formats and application of all the three: lipsticks, glosses and stain to find out which one from the three is best for summer or spring season.


A lipstick is made up of waxes, oils and lip softening emollients. Lipsticks have waxy texture that soften and condition the lips. It can be applied straight from the stick to the lips. There is a variety of mantle shimmer and glittery lipsticks. It has matte, metallic, glossy and sheer. The lipsticks are available in range of colors and shades from baby pink to red and from peach to purples and all the cool colors.

Lip stains:

Lip stains are liquid in nature. They are usually water or gel based which are available in handy pen like small bottles. They have drying effect on your lips. You can get lip stains in bottles, tubes and jars with an inbuilt applicator. The bottle lip stain has a wand in it and it is applied with a roll on mechanism. The tube lip stain has a marker like felt tip or a pointed spongy end to apply with. The jar lip stain is applied with the help of a brush. There are natural colors available in lip stains that include the shades of pink and peach.

Lip glosses:

Lip glosses have a sheer shiny and glossy effect. They are also liquid based and have a thick, silky texture. You can get lip glosses in tubes and bottles and applied with a roll on mechanism. There are ranges of colors in lip glosses such as pinks, peaches, reds etc.

For the hot summers and colorful spring season, you should go for the old lip makeup ie is lipsticks because it is neither too sticky nor drying like lip stains and nor too glossy and smudging like lip glosses. The hotness of summers increases with the sheer shine of gloss. The lip stain can add to the dryness of your lips through you can choose any of the three for night makeup but for days lipsticks are best.

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