How to Tighten Belly and Wrinkled Neck Skin after Weight Loss

When the weight watchers retain their goal of ideal weight with strict diet plans and tiring exercises, they just ignore the fact that skin is sagging, becoming wrinkly and extremely loose due to rapid change in body size. They at once feel less beautiful and less appreciated due to their loose wrinkly skin. This skin is most prominent on neck and belly. This loose skin can gradually comes to the level to flatter your recent body shape naturally without any conscious efforts but this process takes a lot of time. It can take an year for your loose skin to come in shape of your body. Here are some ways that may speed up this process and tighten the skin of your belly and wrinkly neck after weight loss.

 How to Tighten Belly and Wrinkly Neck Skin after Weight Loss

  • The foremost thing you have to do is to improve the elasticity of your skin which is the essential characteristic to keep skin tight and wrinkle free. Though, the elasticity of skin is more to do with genes yet you can improve it by keeping your self hydrated and eating healthy balanced diet with an appropriate amount of protein to retain the elasticity of your skin. Nourish your skin with moisturizer and exfoliating it with mild natural scrubs. It will rejuvenate your loose skin and adds to the youthful its flexibility. Thus it works against the wrinkles caused by loose skin.
  • You have to avoid sudden weight gain or loss. When you gain weight, the neck and the belly are the areas more likely to gain weight. The skin stretches with weight gain and when you lose weight, the skin becomes loose. You have to monitor your weight and try to maintain it. If you have to loose weight, follow the life style that will cause gradual weight loss and vice versa.
  • You can try various types of skin tightening creams available in markets. These creams are rich in moisture thus hydrate your skin deeply and reduce wrinkles. But you have to choose the skin firming creams intelligently or recommended by your dermatologist that suits your skin type.
  • There are lot of yoga poses and exercises that will help in tightening the loose skin of belly and wrinkly neck. You just have to exercise daily and determined towards your target.
  • Surgery can be another option for those who have tried all the other ways and have been failed. But consider this option after proper research and consulting your relevant doctor for the treatment.

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