How to Shorten a Dress with Safety Pins

As you safety pin is very small article but useful in different places even that these pins are used for shorten of a dress and the procedure that how it works is given below. Mostly it can be used in emergency for a missing button, a failed snap or to hold a corsage onto a dress. Safety pins were widely used to fasten cloth diapers; similarly they can be used to patch torn or damaged clothing. It can also be used as an n accessory or jewelry, such as earrings, chains, and wristbands. American mechanic Walter Hunt is regarded as the inventor of the safety pin that bears resemblance to those used today. Sometimes they are used to attach an embroidered patch. But here we tell you the method, how to shorten a dress with safety pins. One can short their dress with different ways and make expensive dress for useable on any function.

Of course, fashion change with the passage of time and every year the trend of dresses changed with long or short length. As you know women dresses are so expensive and nobody can afford to spoil due to long length. So one can solve their problem with safety pin and here we tell you the method of using safety pin in the right way.

Method No.1:

Take a side of the dress and ball it up and pin it, Or you can take it and fold it up like how you would fold and apron to make it shorter, then pin it enough were it won’t fall out. After this if you want to cover the safety pins then take a matching ribbon and wrap it around were the pins are to cover them.

Method No.2:

If your dress is so long and you have no enough time to a tailor then use safety pin. Turn the dress inside out; find the side seams of the dress. Secure the bottom hem to the waist seam using one safety pin. Repeat this method on the opposite side seam.

The above methods are really easy through them its easy to understand that How to Shorten a Dress with Safety Pins so follow them but most important thing is that its easy to make when one make them with cool mind.

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