How to Do a Perfect French Manicure with Shellac Polish

Manicure means to take care your hands your nails and finger also in best way with the treatment of manicure kit. The process that How to do French Manicure with Shellac Polish at home with pictures. A good manicure will make your hands neat and perfect and neat shape of your nails recall your hands will help you to enhance your personality if you do your manicure so you will see your perfect skin on your hands and also makes your nails healthy and strong. Contact your beauty parlor if you want to see this and also you can do this in home in better way just follow these steps. Nowadays French manicure is very popular among fashion conscious women and girls. French manicures may have originated in 18th-century Paris and were popular in the 1920s and 1930s and still it is.

Basically a French manicure has a paler pink base with bright white nail tips. This manicure is an American invention and women like this in all over the world. So here we share with you method of French manicure with detail, so that one can easily do at home.

Manicure simple way in home:

Prevent hang- nails formation, prevent nail damages.

Implements                                                                Material

Nail cutter                                                                 acetone

Nail filler                                                                     Liquid soap

Orange stick                                                              oil or cream

Cuticle pusher                                                           warm water

Nail brush                                                                 Antiseptic lotion

Method to apply:

  1. Remove the old nail polish with acetone using care.
  2. Than shape the nail with cutter and also with the help of filer.
  3. Make a mixture with adding in the shampoo and liquid soap as you would like mix them and dip your hands in the water for some time.
  4. Than wipe your hands and fingers with soft towel.
  5. Clean the nail using orange sticks and cotton dipped in antiseptic lotion
  6. Also buff the cuticle with some cream.
  7. Massage the hand for five minutes.

All of these steps will help you to manicure your hands in home with best way.

French manicure with shellac:

The things which you need are writing here to manicure with shellac……….

  • Bluesy Shellac nails color polish.
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • UV or LED nail lamp


It is the greatest thing to make your nail as well as professionals.

  • Remove your nail paint on your nails with the help of thinner or remover.

Take a filler and make proper shape of your nails as well as you want.

  • Clean your nails and also remove the dust which is enhancing amount of found in your nails.

Then push back the cuticle (cuticle mean the outer most layer of skin) push cuticle to expose the nails to be very carefully.

  • Apply a thin layer of shellac base coat to every nail and paint the nails as would you like and make a base coat on your nails.

Apply LED nail lamp for 30 sec and now with the help of this step the nail will have a sticky residue,

  • Now you apply nail paint color the color on your wish as you want.

And you can make creative art on your nails which you would like this.

By following these tips one must understand that How to do French Manicure with Shellac so must follow them step by step. Hopefully, one will understand the text, because each and every thing is elaborate in best possible way.

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