How to Make a Christingle for Kid

A christingle is a symbolic object related to the pomander used in the advent services of many Christian denominations. A christnigle is made on the festival of Christmas and this is a good opportunity of those families who want to represent in front of their children the importance of christingle . A christingle consists of

  • An orange symbol of world
  • A red ribbon around it symbol of blood of Christ
  • Dried fruits pushed onto the orange with the help of tooth picks is a symbol of fruit of earth and four season
  • A little candle into the center of the orange is a symbol of Jesus Christ as the light of the world

John Pensom of The Children’s Society introduced Christingle services to the Church of England, in 1968.It is celebrated sometimes around the christmas festival.Bishop Johannes de Watteville saya through this we explain the love of Jesus and we able to tells about the importance of Christmas really. He decided to Conway the message of Christmas in a very simple a lively way. Beside these we also tell the history of this christginle through the story of christingle. This cristingle is a story of three children, who were very poor and they have a desire to give a best gift to Jesus like the other people. They had an orange, so they decided to give him that. First of all the eldest child cut the top of the gree orange part and put a candle into the hole.

Then the youngest took her best red ribbon fro her hair and attached it round the middle with the help of tooth picks. The third child had another idea to put a few piece of dry fruits on the ends of the sticks. In the end it looks so beautiful and they took it to the church and whereas the other children take an inspiration. Through this story we explain the message of christingle in front of little children. So this is a place where one can get the great idea of making christingle with a good message.

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