Top 10 Wedding Gifts For Guests

Wedding Gift is a perfect way to thanks to the guests for sharing such a memorable event of your life. It is just small token of appreciation for the guests for joining you in the wedding party. Its also makes the guests remember your wedding throughout the years. The culture of presenting wedding gifts and favors to the guests has been traditionally practiced around the world but the concepts and ways of presenting vary from country to country. According to the rough estimate since 16 century brides and groom have been presenting wedding gifts to their guests. It is the gesture of gratitude towards the guests and a symbol of sharing happiness. The things and accessories that are being presented have been evolved over the centuries. Now days wedding couples are searching for unique ideas and innovative gifts that they can present to their guests. Here we are sharing with you the unique and the trend setting wedding gifts ideas that will make lasting memories for the guests.

  • As soon as your guests arrive, you can welcome them with presenting goodies that will entertain them as midnight munches before the dinner is served. You can put in the fancy cards or stylish notes in theses goodie bags that will give them an outline of all the events of weddings.
  • Present your guests crispy snacks sweet or savory instead of dry fruits. It will make their day better.
  • Surprise your guest with personalized guest books. It is a lovely wedding favor. You can make it more exciting by adding a feather singing pen set to it.
  • You can present a chocolate box with toffee sized chocolates and wrap it in beautiful bright colored paper according your wedding day.
  • You can entertain your guests by presenting them with personalized cigarette case and match box.
  • Presents the girls few bangles or bracelettes matching to the color of brides outfit.
  • Presenting flowers is considered as a symbol of love and happiness. It has a refreshing effect also. So present them beautiful flowers.
  • For the entertainment of kids in the wedding, you can give them small toys like bears or small hand games.
  • You can give your guests an exclusive card for thanking them to join your wedding ceremony.
  • At the end of the ceremony you can present your guest with, personal outfits for everyone.

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