How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy for Kids

To lose weight as a child is quite difficult because children cannot go for gyms and fitness centre. On the other hand, children are more likely to eat junk food and snacks as their daily life. Mostly there is no special food made for kids at home. The diet of adults is unhealthy for kids. That is why they begin to gain weight at very early age. Unfortunately this increase in weight is considered the symbol of health and growth by the parents which are absolutely wrong. The increased weight can be the cause of many diseases and directly effects the growth of child in the long run. Still there are various ways of children to loose weight and become healthy in real sense. In this article we have explored the ways to loose weight for kids step by step.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy for Kids Step by Step:


If a child wants to lose weight on a serious note, the first thing is to make a psychological framework. You have to motivate yourself by considering the advantages of being fit. It can be your desire to participate in sports and games that you cannot do because you are over weight. Or it can be to feel active at recess or to fit in the trendy clothes. This small goal will motivate and strengthen you when ever you feel weak or have craving to eat junk food.

Set a Reward:

To make yourself determined you can set a reward for you at the achievement of target that will make you happy and satisfied. The reward can be anything that excites you.

Intake of Plenty of Water;

After this mental and psychological preparation, the basic and the most important step towards weight lose is drinking lot of water. Is you keep yourself hydrated, it will speed up the process of weight lose and reduce your appetite. Do not drink preserved and tin juices and colas that are high in calories. You can add lemon in water to give a flavor.

Eat Fresh Fruits as Healthy Snacks:

Instead of eating packed snacks that are not only unhealthy but also high in calories, you can eat fruits of your own choice as snacks between your meals.

Stop Eating 2 Hours Before Going to Bed:

Many children have this bad habit of eat before sleep. Your digestive system works very slowly at night and calories do not burn. So avoid eating anything at least 2 hrs before you go to bed.

Eating Things in Moderation:

To curb the temptation to eat your favorite snacks, you can have small portion of these things to satisfy yourself because it is very difficult for kids to quit their favorite food for good.

Physical Activity:

Physical activity is inevitable to make the process of weight lose fast and easy. You can actively participate in the sport of your own choice whether it is soccer, basket ball, foot ball, or cricket. Make a routine of running or walk in a park that will fasten the process of weight reduction.

6 Small Portions of Meal Daily:

Do not eat to full. Take small portions of meal after 3 to 4 hrs that will enhance your health and proper digestion.

Exercise at Home:

You can begin with light workout at home. Push ups and sit ups is good and easy exercise that you can easily do at home.

Support from Friends:

Your friends can provide you a strong support system and encourage you whenever you become weak and bored.

All theses easy steps towards weight lose will definitely make you fit and healthy to led a happier life ahead.

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