Vegetarian Diet Plan to Lose Weight for Women

There is a myth about meat-free diet that it is automatically less fattening and low calorized diet. It sometimes proves to be totally wrong. If you eat a lot of vegetables without any planning or scheduled timing, it can be weight gaining. Here we have suggested some vegetarian’s meals. You can mix and match the food items according to your choice to meet your daily requirement of 14 to 15 hundred calories. Following this diet plan will make you healthy and satisfied and same time. The vegetarian diet dishes range from the easy and simple dishes to the most sophisticated ones. So, keep on reading to explore the suggested vegetarian diet plan.


You can have any of the following combination of meals with one glass of fresh fruit juice according to your choices in breakfast.

  • Half bowl of baked or boiled beans with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and 150 g of diet bio yoghurt.
  • 1 apple, 1 serving of baked summer fruits and raspberries, peach, strawberries, blackberries, water melon or melon in breakfast.
  • Take one bowl of wheat flakes dipped in skimmed milk followed by a glass of smoothie of your favorite fruit.
  • You can take a sandwich prepared by two slices of whole meal bread , low fat cottage cheese , tomato slices and salad leaf following by the crunchy fresh salad.
  • One bowl of porridge topped with fresh slices of strawberry and one bowl of melon, banana and ginger sald is best for vegetarian breakfast.


Following are the suggestions of vegetarian diet meals for lunch or dinner.

  • 1 full bowl of tropical fruit salad made by iceberg lettuce,3 copped dried apricots, 1 chopped apple,6 crushed walnuts, fresh slices of pineapple topped with low fat cottage cheese.
  • Take one whole meal pitta bread with one bowl of vegetable crudities and fresh fruit salad.
  • Baked potato with low fat cottage cheese and fresh salad with fat free dressing.
  • Take lentil soup and 2 oat cakes topped with soft low fat cheese and tomatoes.
  • Have 2 slices of whole grain bread, one small pot of baked beans plus cheddar cheese and fresh salad.
  • Make a missed beans salad with 4 tbsp of kidney beans, chick peasant cannellini beans with spring onions, tomatoes, green pepper and fresh lemon juice, eat it with a pitta bread.
  • Have brown rice with stir fry vegetables.
  • Roasted vegetables dipped with olive oil and topped with cottage cheese. Eat it with whole meal bread.

Snacks: Eat fresh or a hand full of dry fruits as snacks.

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