How to Hide a Monroe Piercing from Parents Work School

Monroe piercing is basically kind of lip piercing that is done on the left side just above the upper lip. It look alike the famous beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. Sometimes it is also called as lip piercing. Lip piercing is thought as the safest and the easiest type piercing as in the lips there are no main blood vessels. Body jewelry and piercing often expresses the persons appearance which is becoming popular during current days. But there may be many family gatherings and special occasions where it becomes essential to cover piercing. One thing keep it in your mind that it is not completely possible to make it invisible but you can do one thing is to hide it.

  • There are many ways to hide to lip piercing while going to School or at Work because it leaves a very bad impact of your personality.

One way to hide it you can use concealer; it helps to enclose the ring of lip. From beauty product, find a concealer of your natural skin color. With the concealer cover the ring tip and the nearby skin. Before applying concealer cover the piercing with any bandage to avoid from any infection. Piercing retainers are available in the professional piercing shops to cover the piercing lips.

Special plastics are used to make these retainers; acrylic retainers and clear glass are also use to hide the piercing. Moreover, like clear retainers there are flesh retainers that help to cover the piercing but they contain a stud of skin color that can merge with the natural skin tone. If you have no other way then one way is that for a couple of hours leave the hole open will not let it to close.

  • Covering a lip piercing from your Parents is impossible, but here are some tips that might help you how to cover hide the piercing. First and foremost, pierce you lips when you are staying away from your family or avoiding them for at least 2 days.

Furthermore take the stud out and invert it so that the flat part of the stud is at the outside and the round part will get inside and then apply a toner of your skin color on the stud. By putting a bandage over the stud will also help you to meet your friends and family. And the most important try to avoid the visual contact with your parents as much as possible.

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