How to Go Back to Your Natural Hair Color after Bleaching

Sometimes people got too much addicted to bleaching, dying or highlighting their hair, but the fact is that they all want their natural color back. For this, first you need to contact to your hair dresser to let him check what is the natural hair color level is. They there is need to examine what is the level of artificial color. After knowing this next step is to remove the artificial color of hair. For this it is suggested to do a bleach wash. Traditionally, a bleach wash is done with a little peroxide and mix hair bleach with a shampoo. Smoothly wash the hair; it will slightly boost the color of hair. It is very easy and gentle way to take off the hair color, until remove the hands from hair color.

  • Peroxide minimizes the module of artificial color and then rinse with cold water thoroughly this allows to wash most of the hair color.

A toner will be put when you hair comes to the lightness or darkness or to the same level. Tonner is use to neutralize all the unnecessary tones of the hair such as

  • Blues
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Green

and pink and so on. To get a neutral tone, it is recommended to apply the opposite color of what the hair lifted too.

Another way to get back the natural hair is to use the mixture of baking soda and anti dandruff shampoo. Anti dandruff shampoo is little bit heavy than normal shampoo and it is best to remove unwanted tones and pastels.

  • Add baking soda to anti dandruff shampoo then rinse hair several times reduces the hair color gradually takeoff the color. If your hair dye is semi-permanent then it is considered the best remedy to take off. Moreover, Vinegar is also use to remove the hair dye.

Wash your hair with the soap until no more color come from the hair, and then rinse thoroughly hair with vinegar. Repeat this process until no more dye remains in the hair and continue this process until you get the natural hair color.

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