How to Get Glowing Skin Makeup Tips

As your skin becomes dry and dull due to severe cold weather in winter, here we share the make up tips that will gives you a glowing and refreshing look in winter season. So follow the following steps and get ready to enjoy the beauty and charm of the cold weather. The first step is to cover up the marks or blemishes and dark circles with complete concealer to get an even surface to apply make up.

  • Apply light moisturizer before make up application. It will help to overcome the dryness caused by the cold weather. Now apply a nourishing and moisturizing base of foundation and blend it well. Use loose powder to even the foundation and get the neat and smooth skin ready for next steps.

Now begin the eye make up. Color your eye brows with the help of brow pencil. Use bright and glowing color of eye shadows which look good in winter. You can have glossy eyes as well. Try, smoky eye make up that suits you best in winter. Copper and gold shades are also appealing for sophisticated winter look.

  • You can use thick mascara and liner in winter. Experiment with white, dark blue, brown and grey color of liner in contrast to your eye shades.
  • Apply three shades of eye shadows that will really make your eyes stand out. Apply a white basic shade on your eye lid before applying the other shades. You are free to choose sparkling shades that are enhancing the color of your outfit.
  • Apply white liner on your lower lash and blend it a little to get a natural look. Use dark color liner on upper lid and wing it at the ends of your eyes to make them appear larger. To make you look more festive, you can use sparkling false lashes.

Apply a light pink or peach color blush to bring life to your face. Remember not to use bright colors in lips and cheeks, if you have heavy glowing eye make up.

  • Use red lipstick or cheery color gloss to have complete glowing look for winter. You can also experiment with lighter shades of pink with heavy eye make up.

Now you have a glowing make up beat foe winter season. You can experiment with any dark or bright color in make up during winter to add warmth to the cold weather. Those colors that you missed in summer because oh heat and humidity, can be used easily in winter. Do not forget to use moisturizer or cleanser in winter because it is important for glowing face.

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