How to Decorate a Christmas Cake with Royal Icing

Here we share with you How to Decorate a Christmas cake with Royal Icing. People like to eat and distribute sweets and cakes among their friends and relatives on every festival. They make different types of sweets and cakes with colorful food colors which give an amazing look. We can offers cakes to their guests when they come in our house on any festival. The topic here we discuss with you related to this sweets things named by how to decorate a Christmas cake with royal icing. Some time we offer things with out any decoration in front of our guests but if we decorate those things to enhance the beauty of dish. Guest is much excited to eat them if there have no much taste in a dish. From this example we learn a lesson that when we offer something eating thong in front of their guests we use some techniques for decorating it.

 Through this we show the ability and good technique of our personality. People appreciate this effort and you can notice that guest ask the different question about your decoration. As you know the Christmas festival is coming soon and every body try to make this event more memorable through different activities. On that festival decoration is an important part of every activity because with out it celebration consider incomplete.

People decorate not only their houses, dinning tables, churches, schools, colleges, offices but also all sweet things along with cakes and cupcakes also. Decorating a cake is an amazing experience which any person doing on at home. There are different ways of decorating cakes just like fruits and nuts, icing sugar, chocolate, cream, and many more things but here we share with you the idea of decorating cake with royal icing.

Here tell you about a recipe of Royal Icing

  •  Take 1/2 egg white and mix with 675g icing sugar.


Mix the egg white with 3 tbsp of sugar and then gradually add remaining sugar and mix well. If you want a smooth look then you keeps stiff icing that can be rolled like the marzipan. Thickness of this mixture consists on your decorating piece idea. There are many different ways to decorating cakes and if you like to make this decoration colorful so add some food colors. It’s your choice that how you decorate it and there are a lot of pre-made sugar decorations available for your help. So here we display some beautiful pictures of royal icing decoration below.

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