How to Do Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are less common than the brown and blue eyes in the world population. To enhance this beautiful and rare color of eyes, you need to know about the right make up Color shades and technique of application. Let’s explore some of the eye make up tips for hazel eyes.

  • Apply your favorite eyelid primer. It helps to stable the eye make up to last for a whole day.
  • Fill in the gaps of your eye brows, if needed. Use the eye brow pencil a little darker than the natural color of your eye brows.
  • Choose the color of eye shadow that compliments your hazel eyes. The suggested color foe hazel eyes are Gold, purples. Dark, greens. Browns and peaches. Pick the color that you want to reflect more in your eyes. You can also choose a color contrasting your dress. If you want to apply very light color, it will make your eyes appear washed off, so apply a thick liner with light color to give definition to your eyes.
  • Apply a medium or comparatively lighter tone all over the lid and blend it well to the crease of your eyes.
  • Carefully apply a darker color on the crease of your eyes because the color of crease that gives a connected and even look to your eye shadows. Blend it evenly well.
  • Apply a lighter tone above the crease of your eye and blend it in the dark color of crease.
  • As a highlighter, apply the lightest tone or a pearl white color on your brow bone.
  • Now blend all the four colors carefully to have an even look.
  • The brown color eye liner is best for hazel eyes. You can apply a liquid liner or a liner pencil. Make a neat, medium thick line close to your lash line.
  • You can apply a liquid mascara to highlight the eye lashes and give them and even and smooth curved look.
  • You can add gold glitter at the edge of your braw bone to give a little shine to your unique and pretty hazel eyes.

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