How to Clean Silver, Gold, Pearls, Platinum, Diamond Jewelry?

How to Clean Silver, Gold, Pearls, Platinum, Diamond Jewelry? details is given there. Your precious jewelry items can accumulate dirt with the passage of time. They become dull and their shine eventually disappears. To restore the shine and get back the original – look out your precious gold, silver or diamond jewelry, you just need to follow the instructions below. Yes, you can clean your experience jeweler items at home by using some household tools and ingredients.

Best way to Clean Silver, Pearls, Platinum Jewelry:

Silver Pearls, Platinum is a beautiful metal used in jewelry items since centuries but it is fragile as compared to other metals because it can develop tarnish, stains and scratches. You can clean your silver jewelry at home. Wash separately all the jewelry items with warm water and phosphate free detergent. Use a soft cloth to rub the silver and then dry it with a towel. Now buff the shine with soft clean cloth.

Best Way to Clean Gold Jewelry:

Unlike silver, gold does not develop tarnish yet it is accumulate dust particles in its intricate design. You can wash it at home to get the clean shiny gold jewelry again. Mix liquid dish wash in warm water. The carbonation in the liquid will help in removing the dirt from gold. Make sure, the water is warm not hot especially for the jewelry with delicate stones because some stones break or loose color in hot water.

Let the jewelry items sit in the bowl for 15 to 20 minutes. Add few pinches of halide in this water. It will help in restoring the golden shine of your jewelry. Now gently scrub the jewelry with toothpaste and focus on the area where you still find the dust particles. Wash the jewelry with clean top water and dry it with soft towel.

Best Way to Clean Diamond Jewelry:

The most precious diamond jewelry also losses its brilliant shine with the passage of time and gathers dust in its designs. The best way to clean diamond jewelry at home is with liquid soap in warm water to make foam. Soak the diamond jewelry in it for 15 to 20 minutes. Now use a soft bristle brush to rub the areas where you still find dirt. Dip the jewelry in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes and then dry it with a soft towel.

So, now you do not have to go to the jeweler and spent money to get your jewelry washed. Clean it at home with the simple method above.

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