How to Apply Eyeliner on Wrinkled Eyelids

The process that How to Apply Eyeliner on Wrinkled Eyelids is given there. Eyeliner beautifies your eyes and makes them stand out by defining and accentuating their shape. You can embellish your eyes gorgeously in just few minutes by standing in front of mirror with an eyeliner pencil. The older women who have wrinkled eyelids are mostly recommended by the make up artists, not to wear dark or black liner because it highlights their wrinkles and dark circles under eyes. But it is not so. Though a bit tricky but you can apply the black liner on your wrinkled eye lids to make them look attractive and glowing. Here are the tips along with the step by step instructions for the eyeliner application on wrinkled eyelids.

 How to Apply Eyeliner on Wrinkled Eyelids?

First of all, you have to choose pencil eyeliner for your wrinkled eyelids rather than the liquid liner which is hard to apply on the loose skin of your eyelids.


Make a very thin line with black eyeliner pencil on the upper eyelid. Apply it on ¾ of the lash line, leaving the inner most corners. If you apply a thick line, this heavy application will go inside the upper lid rim, in between lashes and across the top of upper lid.

  • Most of the make up artists will recommend you that you do not need to apply liner on lower lid because it will make the wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles more prominent. But if you do not apply any inner on lower lid, your eye may look dull or unattractive. The trick is to just apply a thin line on 1/3 of the lower lid. Leave the inner corner and apply on the 1/3 of part towards outer corner.

Another excellent trick to brighten and open up the wrinkled eyes is to apply a creamy white liner on the top of black liner. Though this trick does not work on every one, you can try it y apply a white line on just above the black line, you have made to see whether it soften the harshness of dark line.

  • Start applying the white liner from the inner most corner of the lower lid near the nose and end it up at the centre of the lower lid. It will brighten your tired eyes.

If the white line becomes very prominent you can smudge it with a Q tip or eye shadow brush to have a natural look. You can try off white instead of pure white pencil. To have the finished look apply mascara but skip it. If you have puffy eyes.

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