How to Burn Body Fat without Losing Weight

You can burn body fat without much loss in weight. It is just the question of what you eat daily and how you exercise. Many people have some fatty portions in their body but their overall weight is normal. It can due to your habit of sitting. In a certain posture for a long day hours or your improve diet at odd times without any sort of daily workout. Keep on reading this article to find the ways to burn body fat without losing weight.

Determine calories:

The first thing is to determine the calories that your body need according to your height, weight and age. It also depends on your daily routine, it is hectic and physical activity based or is it just a sitting job.

Increase your Metabolism:

Following a diet plan based on your calorie intake level, divide your daily diet in 5 to 7 small meals. It will enhance your metabolism and provide the body the steady amount of energy that is needed to maintain. You do not have to reduce the amount of calories because it will result in weight loss.

Balanced Diet:

Have a balanced diet having equal percentage of proteins and carbohydrates, little amount of fats, more vitamins and minerals. If you follow the healthy diet plan, nothing will be consumed in excess. No fattening diet will be taken.

Cardio Exercise:

Make a routine to do cardio exercises 5 times a week for 20-25 minutes. It will burn body fat with weight loss.

Morning Walk:

Make an active routine of fast morning walk. It will make you active healthy and also reduce the excessive fat of body.

Keep Your Body Hydrated:

Drink a plenty of water to hydrate your body which is necessary for the burning of fat.

Avoid Sugary Food and Tinned Preserved Meals:

You should avoid sugary food as much as you can because it has very less nutriants and high rate of calories. Do not eat tin food. Always have fresh and home made meals.

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