Best Diet Plan for Cancer Patients at Initial Stage

A patient diet plays an important part in the development as well as treatment of cancer but mostly people do not understand it. Multi nutrition can cause many problems for a cancer patient and it sometimes leads to worst outcomes. It can decrease the quality of life and increase mortality and morbidity. On the other hand, weight loss is identified as a poor prognosis in cancer patients. So, it is essential to follow a proper diet plan that will help in maintenance of weight of a cancer patient. Good nutrition also helps the body to restore energy required to fight against the disease and also improves the quality of life. Here is the diet that is highly recommended for cancer patient and initial stages.

Low Fiber Foods:

Mostly doctors recommend a fiber easy to digest type of food during the treatment of cancer because it is healthy and light at the same time.

Vegetable Soup:

Soup prepared with different fresh vegetables is best diet for cancer patients. Vegetables contain Vitamins and Minerals that are good to energize a patient.

Fresh Fruits:

Eat Fresh Fruit to get the essential minerals, Vitamins and fiber required for the healthy body. As immune system of a cancer patient becomes weak so avoid cold and unripe citric fruit that can cause flu and cough which can become dangerous for cancer patients.

Protein Diet:

You can eat egg, boiled fish or small portion of mutton to fulfill the requirement of protein of your body. Avoid beef and chicken. Do not eat fatty and fried food.

Avoid the food having antioxidant effects:

Studies have proved that the food having antioxidants effect can sometime interrupt the treatment of cancer. So avoid such food.

Drink Fresh Juice:

Drink Fresh juices of fresh vegetables and fruit. It will give the needed strength to the body.

Cereals and Whole grains:

Eat cereals made with little seasoning and always eat whole grain bread.


Eat leafy green fresh salad with lunch and dinner.

Avoid Sugary and High Calorie Food:

Limit sugary food because it has a high rate of calories and less nutrients.

Choose Meatless Meals:

You should make a habit of eating meatless meal as vegetarians, few times a week. If you want to eat meat, go for white meat and lean instead of red meat.

The most important thing is to have a balanced diet with frequent small portions throughout the day.

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