How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow for Green Eyes? Smokey Eye Tutorial for Green Eyes

If you have green eyes and you have been given an invitation of the prom party then what kind of eye makeup you should be doing? Yes it has to be the smokey eye makeup and right here we will let you know about the smokey eye tutorial for green eyes. With these simple methods, you can know how to get perfect smokey eye shadow makeup. First Choose Your colors: If you have these green eyes then you can have this gray and plum kind of smoky eye. It is a must for you that you should choose first three shades of each colors, they have to be light, creamy color and also a medium base color.

  • Deciding the color shades will be the first step that will tell you how to apply smokey eyeshadow for green eyes?

Getting The Right Supplies:

You should be having all the correct and proper eye makeup supplies in your bag, if any thing is missing then this smokey eye tutorial for green eyes will be wasted.

Application Of Highlighter:

You have to apply the highlighter around your eyes so that your eyes may look, skin around your eyes may look even and also dark circles get reduced.

Put On The medium shade:

You have to blend it right at the inside corners with th help of your highlighter, make sure that you just draw simple dividing line between the two colors which you have opted for this smokey eye makeup.

Put On The Dark Color:

Make sure that you begin just at the outside corner of your eyes. You have to keep in mind that the darkest part will always be right at the point of the upper edge of your lash line.

Blend Both The Colors:

Now you have to blend both of the plum and grey eye shadow shades and make the finishing line between both the shades with perfection.

Apply Eye Liner And Mascara:

This additional thing will further enhance the look of your smokey eye makeup.

Now, you know how to apply smokey eyeshadow for green eyes? Now to get green eyes is no more a problem because now you can further magnify and can also make them beautiful through this smokey eye makeup. Just decide the eye makeup shades that will suit on your eyes and have these dazzling and gorgeous eyes.

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