Can Men Wear High Heels? Men in High Heels Fashion

You might have this question that can men wear high heels? men in high heels fashion, what is all about! Here we will let you know that can men wear high heels and how long this fashion will continue and what is actually the history of these high heels worn by men, check out the details! Yes, it is a fact that men have been wearing heels and it has been since the sixteenth century. It began with horseback riding. We also say that butchers keep their feet covered with high heels when they were butchering. Then by the mid 16th century, it was seen that men started wearing high heels as a sign of wealth, it was only the wealthy that could afford those high heels at that time.

When First High Heel For Men Was Designed?

  • Then it was around 1660 that a shoemaker named by Nicholas Lestage designed King Louis XIV shoes, they were four inch heel height and then from that time, men and women.

Yes, both of them continued to wear high heels, it became as a fashion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and even now wearing of high heels by men in the upper classes has still been in the fashion! Now you know that can men wear high heels? men in high heels fashion!

When This Fashion Became Real?

It was seen that wearing of high heels by men came in real in the 1960’s with the arrival of Beatle’s boot. Now this practice of wearing heels has continued to grow in all the Westernized countries, like we have the US and Europe, and we have also some of the countries of Asia.

It is viewed that all the fashion designers have now started to feature men wearing heels on their fashion shows and runways. Now more and more male designers have been designing and incorporating high heels in all the men’s fashion shows and men have liked it a lot.

This Fashion Will Never Pass Out:

We can say that men wearing high heels, it is a fashion, it will never pass out! One day will become a common day when we see all men and women wearing high heels. So, this was all about that can men wear high heels? men in high heels fashion! Our answers are yes that men can wear high heels.

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