How to Apply Powder Foundation on Dry Skin

Simple step that are enough to understand that How to apply powder foundation on dry skin with some remedies that are also curing dry skin and effective for this type of skin. Everyone has different types of skin, it is a thick layer outer covering which protect our tissues. As we know there are four types of skin Oily, Dry, Normal and sensitive and all of these types non-identical from one another. Every skin has its own obstacle and impediment. Remember dry skin possesses a lack of moisture and if you want to get rid of dry skin so you must drink water of excess amount it can be help for removing dryness on your skin. Dry skin is a condition inculpates the integument system; it is caused by a dry climate and rays of sunlight. We are given many types of home remedies to resolve this problem…

Home remedies for curing dry skin:

If you want to cure your skin so must apply these steps. it must be effect on your skin..

  • Clean your skin with face wash at least twice a day.
  • Massage your skin with the help of cleanser and rub it politely hands.
  • Use Vaseline on your skin if you want to see clean your skin.
  • Make some mixture with adding yolk of eggs and olive oil, resolve it properly and then apply it on your face. Leave it 5 to 10 minutes. You also add in some drops of lemon and rose water. As we know egg contains vitamin A and it has many benefits for the skin and removes the dryness.
  • Honey is the best thing for every disease and also it is effectible for skin and it is essential for dry skin. I’ll make it mixture and pay some avocado in honey it, mashed it and apply it. after applying it leave your face for 15 minutes and then wash it with mineral water
  • Milk is a natural thing and it make yogurt which our skin needs. Take yogurt and add and add it mashed banana. Mixed it together and apply it on your face..After 15 minutes wash your face. Recall before you washing your face massage this mixture on your face.
  • Almond is very essential for us. For our brain, for our body and also for our skin. It contain vitamin Intake some almond make a paste and apply it in your face.


Powder foundation on dry skin:

  1. Foundation is must be match on your skin color, it is essential from every type of skin before makeup. If you want to look glower than other.
  2. When we finishing our foundation base on our skin then apply powder foundation to make set your base.
  3. Powder foundation also help you to absorb natural oil to your skin to makes look perfect.
  4. If you have any red rashes or pimple so powder foundation is best for you and apply of this, it will be help you to cover your black spots.
  5. If you want to look your face lighter than you must use this product in fewer amounts.
  6. And powder foundation has its own colors and its own texture. You must choose the color according to your skin.
  7. it will be help you to clean your hydrated face, it cause from weather avid drinking less amount of water. With the help of powder foundation you show your skin neat but temporary.

Here are some functions to apply powder foundation…and you know better to care for your skin.

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