How to a Make Wide Nose Look Thinner with Makeup

How to a Make Wide Nose Look Thinner with Makeup is not difficult if all things had done step by step. Wide nose must effects on face beauty and from a period of time women focused on plastic surgery to get rid of it. But plastic surgery has many side effects and in future maybe it also negatively impact on nose. For this easier way for all those women has wide nose that they apply makeup that must give thinner appearance to nose. It is the part of our face above the mouth on the face, with the help of this organ we can breathing also it has nostrils. It take much of oxygen inside us and release CO2 (carbon dioxide) with the help of this organ we can smell the things so its a important part of face.

As we seen some people have a wide or broad nose and mostly people didn’t like this. So they want to slim nose we do this thing with the help of makeup or surgery. With surgery we can change the shape our nose permanently otherwise you can change your nose temporarily with the help of makeup art.


Nose look thinner with makeup:

With the help of makeup we can thin our nose..

  • Firstly apply the coat of base to the whole face, and with the help of figure pores you mashed the base in proper way.
  • Remember base apply according to the skin color.
  • With the help of contorting on your nose you will make you nose thinner as you want. In this way, you also can lose your lower chin area but temporary nota a permanent.
  • With the help of brush you can do this very well, if you have a good quality of brush.
  • When you completed your base…then you can start your contorting..
  • The thing is the color you apply on contorting is according to your skin.
  • You can use blush colors when you start it. As light brown or pink color mostly use any type of skin color.
  • You take a some color with your brush and make a line on the both sided of your nose.
  • And then mashed it on the nostrils.rub like that. its line will be a natural look on your nose..
  • In same way, you can contort your chin, nose cheeks and also forehead.

According to these steps, hopefully you know very well that how contort your face and other organs to make a thinner.

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