How to Apply Kajal Perfectly on Eyelids

Procedure that How to Apply Kajal Perfectly on under or upper Eyelids is given there. Kajal is one of the favorite make up products of most of the Asian women especially in Pakistan and India. It gives a beautiful and charming look to your eyes. It also lightens up your face instantly. An amazing thing that you may not know about kajal is that it has medical properties also that help in the prevention of various eyes ailments. Not only women but men also wear kajal to protect their eyes from ailments. In colloquial language of Pakistan and India, it is known as “Surma”. It brightens your overall appearance. Here are few basic steps that will help in perfect application of kajal.

How to Apply Kajal Perfectly on Eyelids

  • Cleanse the area around eyes including lashes with mild cleanser.
  • For dry skin and dandruff in eye lashes, apply moisturizer before hand dab some loose powder to cover any grease or oily.
  • Pull down the lower lid so that the water line is exposed.
  • Use the kajal pencil that is not too sharp to damage the eye. Start applying the kajal by making the line from the inner corner to eyes to the outer corner.
  • If you find it difficult to apply kajal with pencil, take small amount of it in your hand and make a line with your properly washed and cleansed finger tip. You need a bit of practice and concentration for this.
  • If you want to have a smoky effect on your eyes. Apply a thick layer of kajal on lower rim of eyes and smudge it a bit outward with the help of a smudging brush.
  • Now its time to apply kajal on the upper eyelid. Begin from the inner corner of the eyelid and gently make a line towards the outer corner. Increase the thickness gradually as you move towards the outer corner.

For a perfect application of kajal you need to take care of the following things.

  • You should keep your eyes free from dark circles because when you apply kajal with dark circles under eyes, it makes them look darker and dull. It also makes them appear smaller.
  • Get rid of the puffiness around eyes to have the best application of kajal.
  • While purchasing a kajal, go for the right brand whether it is expensive because there is a range of cheap and costly kajals with different brands available in market.
  • There are liquid, gels, pencil, powder kajals. Choose the best one according to your desire.

So, apply kajal regularly whether its day or evening time to get a brighten and lighten up look of your face and beautified gorgeous eyes.

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