Makeup Tips and Tricks to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger and Brighter

We inherit the shape and size of eyes genetically and can not do anything to change it. However, there are tricky make up tips that can give the illusion of a different size and shape of your eyes according to your desire. There are clever techniques that can make the small eyes look bigger. You just have to practice on these make up tips to attain the perfection in application. Read the following tips and tricks that will help in making your small eyes look bigger.

 Tips and Tricks to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger and Brighter

  • You should keep your eye brows perfectly shaped according to the natural shape of your eyes because the unkempt eyebrows look really unflattering so to have best illusion of your eyes look big, keep your brows perfectly shaped.
  • Use remedies to remove the dark circles under eyes. If they are not properly removed, use concealer to cover them up before make up application. Though it will not make your eyes look bigger yet it will help to draw the attention of the on looker towards the centre of eye.
  • The make up artists recommended using the white eye shadow near the tear duct or the inner most corner of the eyes. It will rightly give the illusion of opened up eyes.
  • Do not make a complete circle pf eye liner because it will enhance the smallness of your eyes. Applying the liner starting from the outer corner of eyes and stopping it when the ¾ of the lash line is covered. Do not end it at the tear duct. Avoid applying kajal inside the lash line and keep it outward.
  • Use a nude or white eye pencil above the kajal in the inner rim of the lower lash. It will also help in giving a wider and bigger look to your eyes. Nude pencil is much recommended than the white pencil because it is more natural and can be worn in a day time.
  • Apply 2 to 3 coats of mascara on the ¾ of the lashes. You can also have the false curled lashes.
  • Keep your eye brows in thick shape according to your face. It will give the illusion of big eyes.
  • Swollen and puffed eyes make them look smaller than they naturally are. You can lessen the puffiness by taking proper sleep, washing with cool water time and again, placing the used tea bags on your eyes that will tighten the skin around eyes. You should reduce the intake of salt and oily things in your diet. Exercise regularly to make yourself fresh and your eyes glowing and unpuffy.

Try the above mentioned tips to give the best illusion of bigger eyes.

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