How Can Straight Hair Permanently? Procedures,Disadvantages,Side Effects

Every woman dreams of having long, beautiful, shiny and straight hair. In order to fulfill their dream, they try various thing and permanent skin dream, they try various things and permanent skin is one of them. There are various type of procedures for permanent straightening, being used these days. They can all give you the silky straight hair but in different manner. Lets have an overview of these procedures.

Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning:

This procedure requires chemical and heat also. Firstly a chemical is applied on your hair for 20 to 25 minutes to break the bonds of your hair. Secondly, the hair is subjected to extreme heat to give a straight texture to your bonds. Again the chemical is applied to lock the straightened texture.

Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Straightening Technique:

It is the procedure that is mostly used these days for hair straightening, in this process , a layer of keratin is applied on your hair shaft and it leaves your hair silky soft. The keratin reduces the frizz and makes your hair straight. This process is much safer than the other procedures. Though it is known as permanent straightening yet it stays for maximum 6 months and the hair gradually turn into their natural structure. But you can maintain straight hair by having retouch of karotine in the roots after every 3 too 4 months.

Chemical Straightening:

It is also known as hair relaxing technique. This technique focuses on the breaking of bonds and when these bonds are broken, the wave and curl in the hair become straight but it needs the properly trained professionals to get best results. You have to test the chemical in the small portion of hair then apply on whole hair.

As permanent straightening is quite expensive and everyone does not afford it so various cosmetic companies have launched straightening kits with complete written manuals that you can use at home. You can have the hair straightened at home be accurate and do not make mistakes to get the needed results.

Disadvantages and Side Effects of Permanent Hair Straightening:

  • When the hair grown, it gives a very untidy look because the frizzy, wavy and straight hair mix with one another.
  • Many people complain that the permanent hair straightening increases the hair fall.
  • The scalp becomes very dry and dandruff also becomes a permanent problem with straighten hair.
  • Expensive procedures need retouches to retain the look.
  • Natural shines remains no more.
  • Split ends and itchy scalp can be the side effects of permanent straightening.

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