Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face and Small Eyes

Oval face shape consider very ideal because there are several Hollywood celebrities with oval face such as Emma Watson,Rihanna,Poppy Delevigne,Kerry Washington,,Anne Hathaway ,Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry and many more. So here we share with you Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face and Small Eyes. With perfect eye brows you are looking glamorous because brows make your face young and beautiful. Women are always ready to search in different beauty remedies, so that they look gorgeous in their everyday life. For this purpose they use cosmetics as well remove extra hair from their face with the help of threading and waxing. If you have shapeless eyebrows, you might look dull. Shape of your eyebrows depends on your face shape because there are six basic face shapes such as………

  • Diamond face shape
  • Heart face shape
  • Square face shape
  • Long face shape
  • Round face shape
  • Oval face shape

But here we discuss with you only Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face and Small Eyes. Oval face is so glamorous and perfect for every types of makeup. Beauty experts create five types of eyebrows shapes which going very well with different face shapes mention above. So before going to any beauty salons for giving a tremendous shape to their eyebrows you already know about your face shape and eye brow style. As you know oval face is wider than your chin and people consider an idea face shape for doing different beauty experiments. Because you carry every hairstyle and eyebrow shape which going very well.

The popular eye brow shapes types are give there like……………….

  • Round
  • Angled
  • Soft Angled
  • Curved
  • Flat

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face and Small Eyes

Soft Angled shape:

  • Soft angled shape is the best choice for oval face eyebrows because this shape is not sharp and has very soft curves.
  • Soft angled eye brow shape come in low, medium and high arches.
  • If you attend day time function than you can go for thin and lower arches.
  • Beside this you can also go with thick, high soft angled eye brow shape, when you want to get dramatic look. With high aches one can look younger and glamorous.
  • Some ladies have thick cheekbones, son they can go with thick brows for perfect look.
  • If you have small eyes than you can go with low arches eye brows.
  • Soft angled eye brow shape make straight and then softly curves round at the top and down of your eyes.

High Arches shape:

  • High arches shape is also looking perfect with thick, high arch brow which make your face attractive.
  • High arches shape help to open your face and looking sexier.
  • Always use liner or pencil of the color of your brows for natural look.
  • Create a line from the bottom inner and outer side of your brow to the top of the arches.
  • Beside this you can spread brown eye shadow with the help of angle brush for natural look.

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