Best Eyebrow Shape for Round Face and Big Eyes

Eyes are very important part of facial feature includes eyebrows because perfect shape eyebrows enhance the beauty of your eyes. Here we share with you Best eyebrow shape for round face and big eyes. Women spend most of her time and money for grooming their face look with the help of home made remedies, makeup and other methods. For this purpose they thread their extra facial hair including eyebrows. There are different face shapes such as diamond face shape, heart face shape, long face shape, square face shape, round face shape and oval face shape.

  • Before shaping your eye brows you should remember some important tip which we mention there. Shape eyebrows according to your face shape.

There are different shapes of eyebrows such as…………….

  • Rounded-low arch
  • Rounded-medium arch
  • Rounded-high arch
  • Soft angled low arch
  • Soft angled medium arch
  • Soft angled high arch
  • Hard angled
  • S-Shaped
  • Flat
  • Straight high arch

All these shapes are not perfect with every shape of face, for example if you have angled face than you go with round or sift curved eyebrow shape. Angled eyebrows looking very well with round face shape and flat eyebrows match with long face.

One can go for high arched eyebrows with short face and low arch is a best choice for small eyes. Big eye must go with high arced eyebrow shapes because your eyes looking very pretty. But here we discuss with you Best eyebrow shape for round face and big eyes.

There are three shapes of eyebrows which going very well with round shape face such as………

  • S shaped
  • Soft angled
  • Hard angled

Hard Angled Shape

Hard shape eye brow enhance the beauty of your eyes with round face and if one can want to high arched shape you should need to keep straight brow line to the peak and then towards the edges. This shape makes your face thinner and attractive.

S –shaped

This shape starts with a lightly curved line and brow angled keep rounded-shaped eyebrows make your face longer and your eye brows look like”s”.

Soft angled shape

Soft angled eye brow shape looking very attractive with round face because this shape has soft peaks and curves. You can see this eyebrow shape with low and high arches. This is a best choice for those ladies who are uncomfortable with high arches.

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