Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair

In this article, we are sharing some of the stylish, beautiful and easy hair styles for long hairs that will not take more than 15 minutes. You will learn a variety of hair styles that will enhance your overall look and add to your personal beauty with elegance and stylish. So, you can style your lovely gorgeous hairs in no time.

Simple Braid:

Braids are amazing and simple hairstyles for long hair that take no time to make and are convenient to carry throughout the day. A side braid along with side part is quite trendy and looks awesome in summer.

French Braid:

You can enjoy having a gorgeous French Braid with long hair. Divide your hair into two halves. Start making a simple braid with upper half and add strands from the lower half one by one with each knot. As the lower part of hair ends, complete the simple braid. You can add beads or studs on the left and right strands of hair to give a fancy look.

Fish Tail Braid:

Make a fishtail braid with your long hair. The longer your hair is, the cuter your fishtail braid will be. Divide your in two parts and take one strand and end it up on the other side of partition. With this repetitive act you will have an awesome fishtail braid that looks lovely on long hair.

Waterfall Braid:

It seems difficult to make and a bit tricky but its not so. You can make it as the French braid. It’s just a loose French braid. Take a small portion of hair from one top side of your head and start braiding like taking strands of hair from the other side of hair. When you complete it, tie with a small band or hair pin. Leave the remaining hair loose.

Side Pony Tail:

You can make a simple high side pony tail with your long thick hair. Just hold your whole hair and tie them on a side with a band and let them fall on your shoulder. Tease your hair with a teasing comp and fix them with a hair spray.


If you do not want to have loose front, you can make any easy pauf in no time. Take small portion of hair from front crown and tie it with a pony tail. Now pick the pony tail and place it to the height where you want the pauf and fix it there with hair pins. You can have this pouf with high pony tail at the back.

Sleek Knot:

When your long hairs are messy or dirty with no time for shower, you can make a sleek knot bun. Just tie low poni tail and start coiling your hair to wrap it around the band and fix it with hair pins.

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