Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin; How to Use It

Coconut oil has wonderful beauty benefits for your skin and hair. It is naturally loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acid such as myristic acid, carpic acid and lauric acid etc. It has anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti oxidizing properties which are good for the health of your skin and hair. Read this article to explore various benefits of coconut oil and its magical effects on skin and hair.

Excellent Natural Moisturizer:

Throw out all the expensive body lotions and cream. Keep a jar of unrefined coconut oil instead of these chemical products. Coconut oil works as a best moisturizer. You can apply it right after shower or any time in the day. Use it without harm on any part of your body.

Conditioner for Dry Hair:

Coconut oil works much better than the chemical conditioner. Apply it on your dry half an hour before taking bath and enjoy smooth and silky hair instantly.

Damage Hair Treatment:

Coconut oil not only makes your hair smooth and shiny but also treats the damaged and dead ends and makes them healthy and less breakable.

Gives you Glossy Looks and a Frizz Buster:

After styling your hair, put a few drops of coconut oil and mix it in your palm to apply all over your hair. It deals with frizz and gives a glossy shine to your hair style.

Exfoliates Your Face:

Mix equal amount of coconut Oil and Baking soda. Rub it on your face for 5 to 7 minutes on your face. Rinse it off with warm water. This easy to make scrub works effectively.

Lighten Your Elbows:

Rub coconut oil with few drops of lemon on your dark elbows. It will eventually lighten your elbows.

Fights against the Scalp Dryness:

Coconut oil with fatty acids in it is a good moisturizer for dry scalp. Apply it in the roots of your hair and massage for a few minutes. Put on the shower cap and keep it overnight. Wash your hair with shampoo in the morning. Repeat it every night until you get the desired results. Remember to warm the coconut oil before application.

Cure Various Skin Diseases:

Application of Coconut oil can cure rashes, eczema, psoriasis and severe dryness. Apply it on the affected area daily for required results.

 Anti aging Moisturizer; Fight against Wrinkles:

Massage daily with coconut oil on your wrinkles and fine lines until they are less visible and eventually removed. It provides youthful elasticity to your skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Cures Acne:

 Coconut oil can cure acne with its daily application for overnight.

 Nail Fungus:

Apply it on your nails and leave it over night. Repeat this application daily to get rid of fungus.

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