Bleach, Pluck, Wax What Best for Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

In this modern age, many innovative and useful methods for hair removal have been introduced by beauticians, some of which are certified as safe by dermatologists. The unwanted facial hairs become very frustrating especially for girls and they try different method to get rid of them for as long as possible. There is a myth about facial hair that as you keep on removing them, they begin to grow fast and become thick. It is proved wrong by various world renowned dermatologists. Whether you plunk, bleach, shave, or wax, it does not make your hair grow thick until and unless it is done properly and with best products. Here, in this article, we will compare and contrast three commonly used methods of facial hair removal to find out which one is best.

Bleach, Pluck, Wax What Best for Unwanted Facial Hair Review

Bleach: There are various types of bleach creams and bleaching polishers available in market. But these creams do not remove your hair. This just makes them less visible by giving them golden or blonde color. These creams also give your facial skin a fresh and neat glow at once because of high amount of bleaching agent in them. The major drawback of bleaching is that it does not works well on sensitive skin and can cause itching or some sort of allergy. As soon as your hair grows, their natural color becomes prominent. So, it only works for few days.

Pluck: Plucking is the cheapest and widely used method to remove facial hair. With the help of a tweezers, epilator or treat, the hair on the skin are plucked. This method does works but it takes a lot of time and a bit of training also. Sometimes, it also becomes painful for long facial hair to pluck. Nevertheless, this method is widely used to remove extra hairs on brows and to shape them healthy.

Waxing: Waxing is also highly used. Old method for the removal of unwanted facial hair. Different companies have launce their hot and cold wax that works equally well on facial skin. The major advantage of this method is that it gives you neat and clean facial skin in very short time. As it pulls out the hair with follicles, so it takes more time for hair to grow again.

So, waxing is the best and highly recommended method to get rid of unwanted facial hairs.

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