How to Straighten Curly Eyebrow Hairs

Most of the people, who are blessed with natural curly hair, have also imperfect curly eyebrows that at times become very annoying and frustrating. So, do you want to know the ways to tame these unruly brows, here are the tips that will help you to create perfectly shaped eyebrows and add to you beauty.

  • As the color of your brows matches to the natural color of your hair, it also has the same texture like your hair. Those who have curly and fast growing hair. They should also be careful about the growth of their brows because the thick and curly eyebrows tend to grow out of control. The best way to get them tamed is to brush and trim them regularly. When you first brush your brows, you will get to know the real length of your brows. Now trim your brows with the help of tweezer and trimmer. Make the shape that suits you the best and is trendy at the same time. You can do internet surfing or read fashion magazine to know the latest fashion trends for eye brows. It will help you to have nicely trimmed and rather straight eyebrows.
  • For a perfect straight look, the next step after trimming is to apply thick wax. After the average application of wax, apply gel on the top it will look the straight look of your brows for a long time, given the base of wax, it will help the brow gel to adhere for long time.
  • For the beginners who have tried brow trimming at home, it will be helpful to buy a brow shaping and defining kit that will assist you to achieve an overall desired shape for your brows.
  • An excellent home remedy to lessen the curled texture of eye brows is to massage olive oil or coconut oil on the brows in one direction and straighten them with your finger tips. Repeat this massage every night before going to bed and wash your face in morning with warm water and dab your brows with hot water. Pat them dry with a soft towel cloth. It will straighten your brow hair eventually to some extend.
  • Do not let your brows over grown before you trim them because it nit only make the task difficult but also painful as curly hair are thick and are difficult to trim and pluck.

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