Best Makeup Ideas to Enhance Beauty with Hijab

Best Makeup Ideas to Enhance Beauty with Hijab are explained there. Islam is a religion of justice and simplicity gives equal rights both women and man but with some limits. Islam gives women a lot of respect instead of other religions and teaches women to cover their beauty in front of men’s. But allow women to enhance their beauty don’t across their limits. Hijab is beautiful women wear which use to cover head and this is a necessary element of women wear in Islam. But it does not mean that women have no right to enhance their beauty.

Benefits of Hijab:

Hijab contains benefits and protect women respect. When women wear hijab and go out side the house then men’s do not tease her .Hijab is the gift of ALLAH which help you to protect your beauty because you are not a showpiece in front of stranger’s men’s. Hijab is the symbol of Islam and we feel proud by wearing it as a Muslim person.

Makeup ideas to enhance their Beauty:

Here we share with best makeup ideas to enhance beauty with Hijab.

Step 1: Chosse the best quality of hijab or a head scarf according to your choice and latest trend. If it match with your clothes its much better than other colors.

Step 2: On the second step applies a thin layer of foundation to looks natural but you can use mineral foundation instead of stick. Mineral foundation is better then others so use it carefully.

Step 3: Choose the eye shadow colors according to their hijab and eye color. Always use light color when you wear hijab and give more attention to their eyes because eyes arte the most prominent part of your feature. One can use natural color lipstick instead of bright colors. Light pink color is the best color for natural look.

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