Best Exercise to Lose Weight Burn fat from Hips and Thighs

Exercise is must for health body and mind and 30 minutes exercise is necessary for an individual daily. This thing is not important to do exercise in a Jim, you workout also at home if one can interest in their healthy life style. Over weight is not good for health because it contains a lot of diseases just like heart attacks, blood pressures, diabetics, cancer and many more health problems. So always concentrate on your weight gain and ask their friends about your body posture. A healthy body and mind wok well instead of lazy and unhealthy body because a healthy person become always happy and active. Over weight brings in your mind stress and depression because in public places people irritate them and they worried on that time, so keep away from this situation.

This is right place where we share with the most important topic related to fat burning from specific areas of the body just like Hips and Thighs with the title of Best Exercise to Lose Weight, Burn at from Hips and Thighs.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight from Hips and Thighs:

If you want to loss weight from some specific area like thighs you doing some exercise of full body workout or the targeted exercise. You can use a stepper for this purpose and doing stepping on it and start with low level then increase with the passage of time. One can do this exercise more then 30 minutes and start with 10 minutes then increase. One can do this exercise daily and make your thighs slim and smart.

  • You can do an activity game with their friends and this will also help you for burning more calories.
  • Running is another best exercise for hips and thighs also and loss weight equally from both body parts. Beside these you can target the thighs fat with some specific exercise just like Squats, lunges, inner thighs press, hip extensions etc.
  • There is another exercise for both body parts effective and you can see a good result from this. Warm up firstly because warm-up is necessary before doing any exercise then stand straight and bent your knees and in the shape of sitting like on the chair. One this important that don’t bent your knees in front of you. Bent your posture back and sitting like a chair and this exercise is doing more then 3 sets of 16 crunches.

One thing this you should remember that women fat store area is different from men body. For the women the fat store n the hip and thighs area. It’s not a matter where is fat store and the important thing use the same techniques and guideline to loss weight from hips and thighs. If you want to loss weight you should focus on their diet and exercise.

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