Benefits of Cucumber on Skin and Health

Mostly people think of cucumber as a vegetable but in fact it is the cheapest of all fruits and a precious gift of mother earth. It I the natural source of various health and skin benefits. It is refreshing cool fruit full of good health.

Here is a short list of the impressive and wonderful benefits regarding human health and skin that cucumber carries.

Hydrate your body:

The most important benefit of cucumber is that it hydrates your body. If you have not enough water to drink or are not in a habit of drinking a lot f water, you can a munch a cool cucumber which is 96 percent water. It will surely compensate.

Rich source of Vitamin A, B and C:

Cucumber contains all these essential vitamins which boost your immunity, energizes your system and keep you radiant.

Fighter against Heat:

Cucumber has a very soothing and relieving effect. It fights against the inner heat by giving relief to heartburn and the outer heat by providing relief from sun burn.

Good for Weight Lose:

Cucumber contains lowest rate of calories and highest rate of water as compared to other fruits. So, it is good for weight lose. You can eat it as a crunchy snack or use it in salads, soups and chatnis as much as you want.

Contains Skin Friendly Minerals:

Cucumber contains magnesium, potassium and silicon that are skin friendly minerals. It is used in many herbal and mineral cosmetic products. You can also apply its fresh and cool juice as a tonic on your skin. It is also added in home made facial cleanser and masks to get the wonderful results.

Good to Reduce Eye Bags and Dark Circles around Eyes:

Place a chilled fresh slices of cucumber on your eyes. It will give a stresses reliving effect at once. Its regular use will remove dark circles and eye bags.

Stabilizes Blood Pressure:

Cucumber is good to stabilize blood pressure whether it is high or low.

Improves Digestion:

The fiber in cucumber is good for digestive system and it improves digestion.

Flushes Out Toxins:

Cucumber sweeps waste products out of your system. Its regular use can dissolve kidney stone.

Lessen The Risk Of Cancer:

Several studies have revealed that this small and refreshing fruit has cancer fighting potential. By adding cucumber to your daily diet, you can lessen the risk of several type of cancer.

Refreshing For Mouth:

Cucumber cures many diseases of mouth and heals your gums. It also works as a mouth freshener.

Good for Hairs and Nails:

The Silica present in cucumber is good for hair and nails. It makes your hair silky and nails shiny.

Controls Uric Acid:

Cucumber maintains the level of uric acid in your body and keeps your kidneys healthy.

Reduces Cholesterol:

Sterols, the compound present in cucumber helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol.

Keeps Diabetes in Control:

One of the miraculous benefit of cucumber is: it contains the hormone needed by the cells of the pancreas for the production of Insulin. So, the diabetic patient can enjoy eating it without any fear.

Removes the Freckles on Skin:

Cucumber has a potential to brighten and whiten your skin. Apply cucumber juice on your face regularly and eventually get of freckles and have a neat and glowing skin.

Some Brilliantly Effective Recipes For Skin Treatment Made With The Use Of Cucumber:

  • Mix equal amount of lemon juice and cucumber juice. Apply it regularly on your face to get rid of marks and uneven skin tones.
  • Take 4-5 mint leaves, 2 tbsp of cucumber juice and one egg white and mix it to get a fluffy paste. Apply it on your face to have a neat and fresh look.
  • Mix Cucumber juice with coconut water and apply it on your face to have skin whitening beauty treatment.

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