How to Apply Concealer Perfectly?

Concealer is the important element of makeup and here we discuss how to apply concealer perfectly .Concealer is used to hide dark spots, freckles, pimple spots and dark circles under eyes. This is a play here you find out information about applying concealer perfectly. Choose concealer according to your skin tone: First of all choose that concealer which is perfect according to your skin tone.Concealer are available in various colors and shapes and you can use green or yellow concealer for hiding red or dark spots. If you have acne scars and dark circles you should use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

How to apply concealer perfectly?

Here we try to cover the main steps doing before applying concealer.

Use cleanser:

  • First of all prepare your skin for applying concealer, so use a mild base cleanser massage few minutes then wash with water. After washing their face apply a little bit of moisturizer and prepare your face for the first step of makeup.

The areas where you apply concealer:

You can apply concealer with brush or finger tips on the dark circles, brown spots, acne scars and soon. When you apply concealer start from the inside corner at the bridge of your nose and then go to the opposite corner.

Blend the concealer in a very well way and massage gently. Concealer is the best thing to hide your face problems and make your skin fair ready to apply makeup.

Blend your concealer:

First of all apply some dots on the areas of your face where concealer is necessary and blend very well. When you blend concealers after this apply a second step foundation. You can use a liquid or stick foundation according to your skin texture.

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