How to Wear Dian Pelangi Hijab?

Through step by step process the understanding that how to wear Dian Pelangi Hijab and it become more easy. This is one of the famous name in the Muslim fashion industry. The owner of this company is Bapak Ir. Djamaloedin and his wife Ibu Hernan. Both husband and wife named their company on the name of her daughter Dian Wahyu Utami. Meanwhile, Dian Pelangi is the main designer of this company and she introduces herself as a fashion designer in the age of 22. She gets inspiration from the colors of the rain bow. As you know that every fashion designer wants to create new and stylish designs in their collection. They use different ideas and colors in their collection and get a great appreciation from their customers.

How to Wear Dian Pelangi Hijab?

  • In 2023 a lot of fashion designers have introduced new trends and cuts but among them Dian Pelangi created a new fashion trend of Hijab .The trend of Hijab got a lot of attention of people because it look so beautiful and comfortable.


The trend of Hijab is not new for women because it came in to existence with the religious of Islam. Now days Hijab are wear not only the Muslim women but also carry non-Muslims women.

  • So different Muslim designers design various types of Hijab but among them Dian Pelangi designer hijab is so famous in this world. Today young girls like to wear Dian Pelangi Hijab and keep them comfortable.

First of all choose your favorite color then folded in half and had to cover the back of your neck. When you cover you back side then cover your head in simple way and now you are ready to going outside with a beautiful and elegant Dian Pelangi Hijab. This is a place here you can find out most attractive and beautiful pictures of Dian Pelangi Hijab and get idea how to carry it in best possible way.

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