Why Do Women Wear Makeup? with Pictures

There are many reasons for makeup application of women. The major of all is to enhance their natural beauty and make they look more attractive physically. For example, if a woman has beautiful eyes, she applies makeup on them to make them stand out. She would apply mascara to add richness to add richness to her lashes, a liner to dominate the shape of her eyes etc. there are many other reasons for woman to wear makeup, the main of which are discussed below.

To have different look:

As the advancement of beauty industry and the awareness of people various beauty tips and the availability of a large range of makeup products, has given the women the opportunity to experiment with their looks. Many women apply makeup, just to look different. There are techniques of contouring and lift up applications of makeup that give an entirely change and different look.

 Add to the confidence:

Some women wear makeup to add confidence to their personality. When you enter in some party, the first which is noticed and may be appreciated is your face. If makeup is skillfully applied, it adds to your self confidence. It does not mean that you can not look beautiful without makeup but it just serves as a booster to your self confidence.

To cover up some flaw or deficiency:

As the literal meaning of makeup is to cover-up or compensate, it also works practically according to its meaning. Many women wear makeup to cover up some sort of flaw or deficiency. For instance, if a woman has not slept properly at night which has caused dark circles around her eyes, makeup can skillfully cover pimples, marks, scars, uneven skin tone, blemishes and many other flaws.

To have youthful appearance:

Many women apply makeup to hide their age and have youthful glowing appearance. Makeup can hide the signs of age on the old woman and make them graceful and attractive for time being.

Women have been wearing makeup since ancient times of Greek and Roman. Though, their, ways were different yet they wear makeup to enhance their beauty. Since centuries have passed, technology and experimenting have made different types of makeup readily available and easy to apply.

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