What is a Good Night Time Skin Care Routine

Here we share with you Good Night Skin Care Routines. It’s very easy to maintain your skin but it required some specific skin care routine. Cleansing is must before going to bed and leave off every harmful bacteria .Cleansing will help you to remove dead skin cells bad pollution effects, remove make up, extra oil, germs etc.

Wash and moisturize your Skin:

Before going to bed it’s very necessary to wash your face in a proper way .First of all use a best quality of cleansing milk and then take a little amount of cleansing milk. Then massage on face includes neck for 5 minutes and after this you can remove with tissue paper or wash with water. We clean our face so that we remove all day bad effects of environment and makeup.

According to the beauty experts wash or clean your face twice daily and after every touch of water use moisturizer. Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrate because during washing you should leave off natural skin oil and moisturizer fulfills the skin requirement oil.


Exfoliation is very important because it removes dead skin cells and produce new skin cells. There are various types of scrub available in market and you should use cream scrub in winter and other for summer season.


A toner should use after cleansing to close your pores and stimulate circulation. Toner use according to your skin type and apply on face with a cotton pad.

Sleep on your Back:

Don’t pushing your face into your pillow because its increase the chance of wrinkles and fine lines. So always try to sleep on your back and make your skin fresh and wrinkle free. These tips are very effective to keep your skin healthy and fresh, so follow these tips especially at night.

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