Tips for Homemade Facial

For more and beneficial result, tips for ‘HOME MADE FACIAL’ are working more finer. Face is a important part of our body. This is a mirror which exposes your personality. If your face neat and clean you will satisfied to going everywhere because first impression is last impression .cleansing is very important for your face and two time cleansing should be must, first in morning and second in evening .beside this proper cleansing your face once a week .scrubbing is also too important above 25. facial should be must two time in one month. Here we mention some HOME MADE FACIALS. Through this you maintain your complexion and deep cleansing of your face.

Tips for Homemade Facial:

Herbal Facial:

Things are required for Herbal Facial:

  1. Grind almond 2 tea spoon
  2. Multani mat 4 tea spoon
  3. Grind jaifal 1 tea spoon
  4. Rose water as required


Mix all dry things then mix in rose water and make thick mixture. Leave it 20 minute. Wash your face with cold water then steam 10 minute. After this clean your face with cotton then take a second spinach dip in warm water, clean your face. When cleansing process complete then apply this mixture on your face. When it dry, doing massage and wash your face with cold water. This process repeat two time in one month. Through this facial you find fair color.

Whiting Facial by Doctor Khuram Musheer:

Things are required for making this Facial:

  1. Rose petals half cup
  2. Barley flour half cup
  3. Glasreen 1 tea spoon
  4. Rose water as required
  5. Honey 2 tea spoon


Grind raised petals and mix all things in rose water and make a paste. Apply this paste on face half an hour .after half hour wash with mint water. Through this your skin will glowing and white. Facial is essential when your age above 30.through your skin will be tight and glowing. Many facial are available in market but now a day’s homemade facial most popular and easy.

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