Night out makeup tutorial for girls

 Mostly girls wear same makeup for day and night. But makeup artists recommend entirely different colors, shades for day or night makeup. If you want to know the after dark makeup tricks that are used by the professional makeup artists for night out make over, keep on reading this article. Here are the best ideas that you can experiment to have a stunning look for night out.

Glossy eye makeup:

You can have pretty and reflective glossy eye makeup with a simple trick. Just apply petroium jelly or non sticky lip balm on eye lids. You can have it on bare lids or on eye shadows. It will look wonderful at night time.

Choose eyes or lips:

 Another important tip for night out makeup is to choose between eye or lips. Either enhance eyes with layers of eyes shades, thick mascara and liner or have bright and glossy lips. If you have both at the same time, it will look over done and a bit clownish. If you have heavy eye makeup, you should go for a light or natural lip color and vise versa.

Shiny skin fix:

 A shiny and glossy look is best for night out. Mostly people prefer bright or dark colors for evening makeup. You should choose a foundation that suits to your skin color and type. Do not go for a oily foundation because it will make your face badly shine at night. So prefer a mineral foundation for night out makeup. Apply concealer on blemishes and dark circles around eyes because these become prominent in artificial lights. Now apply a little thicker layer of foundation than you apply in the day. Blend it well. Now blot loose powder evenln the face.

Eye makeup:

Smoky eyes with shades of grey and silver look glamorous at night. Apply a thick liner and mascara to enhance your eyes. If you don’t want to high light the eyes then go for light eye shadows like pink or light purple.


 If you have eyes in focus then apply nude or natural shade of blush on your cheese otherwise you can choose dark pink or reddish tones of blush on.


With highlighted eyes, apply nude or natural lipsticks of baby pink, peach or brown color of lipsticks. Apply a transparent gloss to have a sheer and glossy look that is perfect for evening. If you want to highlight the lips, choose bright colors of lipsticks such as plum, maroon, red or shocking pink and apply a glittery gloss as well.

 Follow these make up tips to have awesome look for night out.

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