Male Shih tzu Haircuts Styles Pictures

No doubt, this is a pretty dog that is small in size but always attractive with large silky hairs. This is the reason that male Shih tzu haircuts styles pictures must helps you to select a suitable hairstyle according to dog color. Basically these are little sized dogs that are best to adjust with a family due to best nature. They are also considered as loyal with family members, even they scarifies number of thing for family. Like if one shifted a cold or hot weather then the nature of Shih tzu then they must try to adjust them. Further now huge ranges of colors are now available in these dogs. That makes them more attractive while numbers of breeds are also available in multiple colors.

These color matching makes them more attractive, with all of these things it’s also important to cut a suitable hair style of Shih tzu according to color and length of hairs.

Now again these haircuts are integrate in Four major styles that are

  • The Puppy Cut
  • The Teddy Bear Cut
  • Lion Cut
  • Nugget Haircut

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Although number of other kind of haircuts are also best for Shih tzu dog, but according to gender these four of them are best to style. These hairstyles are then integrating according to length of hair as well face shape of dog. Thirdly most important is the season like for summer and winter season these are different from each other.

In summer it’s necessary to shorten the length of hairs while in winter all haircuts on long length hairs are best options. Another important thing to mention here is that short or medium length hair is more suitable on Male Shih tzu dogs. From head to toe this dog has hair so when is going to cut its hair then it starts from head and ends at legs. For male legs hairs must more shorten then middle and head one.

While in case to make joke with male Shih tzu one also style the top knot but in this case hair length must be greater than medium or must be medium. More pictures of male Shih tzu haircuts styles are best to choose some suitable one for your dog.

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