Makeup to Cover Dark Circles Under the eyes

A suitable Makeup to cover dark circles under the eyes. Eyes are most important feature of our face and we use different tricks to enhance its beauty. The main reason of dark circles is stress, late night sleep and even a unhealthy diet. Mostly women ignore their diet because they think that they spoil their smartness, so they take unhealthy food. This thing is not good for your skin because your required everything as its need. Late night sleep is another trend of new generation and especially young girls awake overnight and then the result is dark circles under the eyes. We control this habit and get rid of this critical situation.

There are a few makeup tricks that can cover up dark circles under the eyes. The majority of women apply a flesh colored concealer under their eyes or use extra amount of foundation. So use the correct type of products, knowing how they work and how they should be applied. Here we mention some products which are mostly use for dark circles.

Makeup to Cover Dark Circles Under the eyes

Required Things for Cover Dark Circles under the Eyes: Primer, Concealer and Foundation: Primer: When we get ready for going any celebration party one biggest problem that women face is that how to hide dark circles under their eyes. On that time you can use best quality of primer under their eyes perfectly .Primer use not only for dark circles but it helps to reduced fine lines and wrinkles also.

  • If you are uncertain about which primer to use and what kind is good for your skin check it before purchase. Always use ring finger for applying primer because the ring finger has the lightest touch and will keep you from pulling to hard. Apply a thin layer of primer under their eyes.


There is another important thing which can use to hide dark circles under the eyes. You can use yellow, peach and orange color according to your dark circles colors. Use your ring finger for applying concealer and apply a thin layer of concealer, paying close attention to the innermost corners, where many of us have dark shadows. Keep patting and gently spread even layer under your eyes.


The last step to concealing to your under eyes circles is to apply your foundation. Before applying foundation makes sure the color mashes your skin. Apply foundation even on your face just like forehead, cheeks, nose and chin area. This is very important step as it makes your concealer and foundation last much longer and not crease or fade throughout the day. So use these tricks to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

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