How to keep your Fingernails Healthy and Strong?

Women take care of nails because their nails express their internal health and always looking for that How to keep your Fingernails Healthy and Strong?. If you have healthy and clean nails your hands look so pretty and graceful but some people suffer with different nails problems. When we examine their fingernails we may notice subtle variations in the nails color, a rosy tinge there, perhaps some bumps in the surface and white spots on nails. On that time you think about the health of your fingernails and give them proper time for caring.

How to make up of our nails?

Our nails made up of six parts.

Nail fold:

  • The first part of our nail is called nail fold. Nail fold is the ridge of skin around the nails.

Nail plate:

Second part we can see is called our nails is called nail plate.

Nail bed:

  • The place under the nail plate is called nail bed.


The half moon shaped area at the base of your nail is called the Lunula.

Nail matrix:

  • The nail matrix is at the base of each nail and we can see that. The matrix makes the cells needed to grow your nails.


Cuticle is that skin made up of dead skin cells that keeps bacteria from getting in.

We look after their nails because our nails show our personality. Our nail is very important part of our body. Here we give some important tips to make your nail healthy and strong.

Tips for healthy fingernails

Stop biting and picking nails:

  • Always avoid biting and picking of your nails because it looks so bad and your nails shape destroyed.

Rubber gloves:

Always use rubber gloves when you cleansing or washing clothes. Gloves will gives you protection from harmful detergent.

Weekly nail maintenance:

  • File your nails weekly, through this you clean your nails and keep them healthy.


Apply moisturizer on your nails and cuticle daily, it will help prevent cracking.

Beside these efforts don’t remove cuticle deeply under your nails, which can lead to infection and don’t over use nail polish remover. Always eat healthy food which contains vitamins and minerals.

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