How to Wear Wedge Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans

This is a right place from here one can find out different ideas of wearing skinny jeans with wedge ankles boots. There are different types of boots which is popular not only in winter but also in other seasons. Commonly boots are covering your feet, ankle, sometimes as far as knee or even the hip. Mostly boots have heel and women wear them with different outfit’s .Traditionally leather and rubber material use in the making process of boots but in this modern age boots are made with verity of material. People worn boot for the protection of their feet from mud, snow, cold, water and provide ankle support for strenuous activities. Some people wear ankle boots as fashion trend with various outfits. There are different styles of boots popular such as Valenki, ugg boots, Russian boots, Rigger boots ,Mukluks ,Hessian boots ,Go-go boots ,Fashion boots ,Cowboy boots ,dress boots, Chelsea boots etc. There are different forms boots such as………….

  • Hip boots
  • Knee high boots
  • Thigh high boots
  • Chap boots
  • Wedge boots
  • Moccasins

Beside this there are many other types’ of boots which is popular and wear at various occasion such as sport boots, work boots, equestrian boots, military boots. Some women boots have different heels just like spool heel, kitten heel, clear heel, stiletto heel and wedge heel. But here we share with you How to Wear Wedge Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans.

Let’s check out the method of wearing wedge ankle boots with skinny jeans:

  • Tuck or cuff your skinny jeans up so that your beautiful ankle shows out.
  • Cuff you skinny jeans into your boots.
  • Tuck your jeans into the wedge ankle boots.
  • Another ways pull your skinny jeans up so that your skin shows above the boots.
  • Tuck the bottom of your skinny jeans twice when you wear wedge ankle boots for glamour’s look.

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