How to Wear Modern Hijab in Trendy Styles Step by Step

Best way which is suitable that How to Wear Modern Hijab in Trendy Styles Step by Step is given there. This trend of wearing hijab is come back after a long period of time. This fashion will come after a long period of time and now in majority of countries where women left it now again come back towards this trend. Especially Muslim women that shifted to European countries initially left this tradition but as time pass they also think that it not beneficial for their next generation. Majority of families cost it in worst type of activities. But here most important thing is that this tradition is come back with some modern look. Through this changing majority of girls like it and wear this modern hijab with every type of dresses even now girls also wear it with jeans. Before this trendy style is only suitable with traditional dresses and sees over when it wear with modern dress. Here we try to give you complete tutorial Step by Step through which one can make a better idea that How to Wear Modern Hijab in Trendy Styles.

Here we try to give you intro of three different ways step by step through which one can easily wear hijab.

First two methods are quite short and third one is quite lengthy but if one follows it then sure she gives some unique and beautiful look.

Hijab with one Piece:

This hijab will wear in only one step through which one only slide head through the opening of scarf and fit it better this is quite easy method and in quick one can wear it just in minute.

Hijab with Two Pieces:

This type of hijab will cover two pieces whose further process of wearing is given as below.

  • These two pieces are of under scarf and hijab.
  • In wearing it initially put under scarf around neck like a headband.
  • After this put it like a head band.
  • Then simply take hijab and cross your head through opening part.

Third method that also explain above that it is quite complex but give some extraordinary look.

  • For this initially select a suitable scarf of 30″/35cm square length.
  • After this a process of wearing this hijab will start for which folding of scarf is too much important so for this fold it in triangle shape.  Fold it in a way that upper part will fold towards inner side upto 1/2″/1.25cm.
  • After this wear this folded scarf onto your head.
  • After this take the right end towards left under lower part of face that is chin.
  • Thus hijab will tie at back side of your head so tie it’s both parts at back side of neck.

If one follow above steps then hopefully it easy to wear it. More one can make a better idea when one can try it at home. Another thing that one must care is that when one wear it then must take option of its adjust it in such way where one is comfortable.

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